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Static Files

This details how to server static files such as images.

The underlying logic is inherited from httpuv which is also used by Shiny, therefore this is very similar to Shiny's addResourcePath.

Use the method static, it takes, as first argument, the path to the directory containing the static files, and as second argument the path where those files will be available, e.g.: static("path", "www") will make the files in path accessible at the www: www/myImage.png.

See the example below.


app <- Ambiorix$new()

app$static("path/to/static/assets", "assets")

app$get("/", \(req, res){
"<h1>Hello everyone!</h1>
<img src='assets/image.png' />"


All files in the directory are exposed, do not put any sensitive files in there.