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Belgic requires a basic configuration file to run.


You can create the default config file with:

./belgic config -p=path/to/config.json

You can, of course, create it manually, it's a very simple file anyway.


The config file looks like:

"path": "/belgic",
"port": "8080",
"backends": "max",
"attempts": 3
  • path: the path containing the ambiorix application you want to serve. It assumes the application is in an app.R file.
  • port: port on which the apps should be served.
  • backends: number of background applications to run in the background. Defaults to the maximum number of cores available on the machine.
  • attempts: number of times to try and revive a backend if it dies.

Environment Variable

Add the BELGIC_CONFIG environment variable to point to the configuration file you just created.